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e-logbbooks.com is the first domain registered and hosted by the e-Logbooks partnership- in 2001 - which went to become e-Logbooks. e-Logbooks was established by Stephen Rodgers to host his own PPL logbook and shortly afterwards other pilots joined and we started cross-referencing aircraft, destinations and instructors amongst ourselves . To update your own logbook, or to register as an aviator and start keeping your logbook on-line, click here.

e-logbooks ltd traded until April 1st 2017, and will be removed from companies house's register on or about April 1st 2018. If you bought an experience voucher from one of e-Logbooks' websites, listed below, the voucher will have expired or been used by now but you might still need to contact us. Vouchers4all Ltd took over all the intellectual property rights and all legitimate obligations from e-Logbooks in 2017 and you can find us here

The "4All" family of websites

Experiences4All started things off in 2003. It was quickly followed by Flights4all and Driving4All offering experiences for both land and air-based enthusiasts. HorseRiding4All became the next addition offering a different kind of horse power. The last two sites to be added during the early phase of Experiences4All were Shooting-Vouchers and Ballooning4All.

More recently PaintBalling4All, Karting4All and finally Archery4All have been added. All of these sites can be visited by clicking the logos below. Please note the site will open in a new tab on your browser.

The "Days Out" family of websites

The "Days Out" websites offer flying, driving, shooting and riding days out all over the UK. Click on the logo below that corresponds to the region you are interested in. Please note the site will open in a new tab on your browser.