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Welcome to e-Logbooks Limited - providing services to the General Aviation community

e-Logbooks Limited offers online, Internet system solutions to the General Aviation community. We are able to provide a complete end-to-end service, from requirements capture and scope definition, through project planning, technical design, implementation and milestone tracking to product testing and a successful launch.

Product Showcase

Nov 2005     e-Logbooks Hosting

For all your email, website hosting and domain management needs.

Aug 2005     Driving4all

Building on the overwhelming success of Flights4all, e-Logbooks launches Driving4all, a website devoted to offering top notch driving experiences around the UK.

Sep 2004     Aviation Widows

Partners and spouses of pilots and aviation enthusiasts can struggle for gift ideas for their absent other halves. Aviation Widows offers a huge choice of gift ideas sure to bring a smile to the face of every aircraft fan.

Aug 2004     flying-lessons.co.uk

Flying-lessons.co.uk is a microsite for customers seeking a first or follow up flying lesson, without the added complication of searching through lists of pleasure flights.

Nov 2003    Flights4all - Aircraft trial lessons and pleasure flights across the UK

Flights4all uses ASP & SQL technologies to offer Flight Operators a comprehensive voucher management system. Comprising an integrated voucher promotion, creation, delivery and lifecycle management solution for flying schools and other flight operators, Flights4all delivers an attractive proposition to customers wishing to try their hand at flying, whilst offering Flight Operators a cost effective and administratively light methodology for voucher management.

Sep 2002     e-Logbooks for pilots

As our first commercial offering we launched Pilots e-logbooks in September 2002, an ASP/Access resource for commercial and private pilots, in addition to aircraft owners and groups. Many professions and hobbies require people to keep accurate time-based logs of activities, from simple time-sheets to technical logs for complex machinery. Sometimes these logs can be in the public domain, and sometimes they need to be password protected and viewable only to selected people.

e-logbooks offers a range of advantages:

  • flight logs can be viewed and updated from just about anywhere
  • logs are secure and always available as a backup
  • flights can be private or you can be pooled with others' experiences
  • calculations will be accurate and up-to-date
  • Groups, clubs and training organisations can share data without having to keep records in a central location
  • flight logs can be integrated with the schools' booking system


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